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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New york city furniture stores-How to choose the right wood for your furniture

How to choose the right wood for your furniture

Depending on the furniture, you undoubtedly need to choose the right kind of wood since it provides beauty and elegance to your fixtures. There are certain characteristics which you will also need to consider when choosing the right wood for your custom furniture.

Generally, woods by nature are known to be resilient and sturdy because of their features. Their structure contains heterogeneous, hygroscopic, and anisoptric materials and their cell walls are composed of micro fibrils, cellulose and hemicelluloses permeated with lignin, all held together by cementing properties.

Though trees are basically known to mankind as one of the sturdiest living organisms here on the planet, furniture makers still need to see and consider what wood to use when building a piece of furniture because some of them are very hard which are good for fixtures while some of them are apposite for curvatures.

Normally, carpenters and wood workers segregate those lumbers that are good in quality and appearance and are reserve them for furniture while common lumbers that have flaws are used for general purposes. All in all, there are 16 types of wood that are sturdy enough for furniture making. However, not all of them are appropriate because the characteristics vary from wood to wood, including their texture, color, durability, and usage.

The most commonly used wood for furniture is Mahogany. Because of its reddish brown color and its ability to resist enlargement, dwindling and distortion, it is widely used for quality fittings such as cabinets, boat construction and wood facings regardless of its expensive price. Other types of wood which have similar characteristics except for its color are the following: Walnut, Oak, Rosewood, Teak, Shesham, and Pine.

For outdoor use, Redwood is highly recommended because of its distinctive features. Being light and having a comparatively high resistance to decay, this wood is good for making outdoor fixtures, interior finishing, veneering and paneling.

Further, for general purpose items such as ladders, plywoods, and construction lumber, it is recommended to use Cedar, Hemlock, Softwood, Maple, Walnut, Cherry, and Fir as these lumbers are good enough for these purposes. For vehicles and ships, Spruce is widely used for making masts and spars for ships, aircrafts, crate boxes, and general millwork.

Although most furniture are made from the kinds of wood mentioned above, there are still other types of wood that are used in furniture making, and they are Alder, Apple, Aspen, Chestnut, Cottonwood, Cypress, Pear-wood, Tupelo and Willow, that can also be classified as wood for general purpose.

In the end, however, people will still have to look out for the characteristics of each of the different kinds of wood because this will give them a rough idea about the few different kinds of wood that are most suitable for their needs. For example, furniture for indoor use can be made using one type of wood, which will not be good enough for outdoor use. Choosing the right wood for your furniture requires some research and learning. Using your research data and other expert inputs on the types of wood is the best way to find the right kind of wood for your furniture.

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